Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Can i speak english right now??hahaha

Evening u'all

Today i'm feel like i want speaking although my MUET was done and i don't take paper BEL in final because 100 % marks comes from assesment.OMG i'm so worried about my carrymark because i'm really not fluent in english like loser -,-..but i'm try to learn english very much ;)

Actually this time i'm feel so nervous..actually very sleepy just now -,-
but i can't sleep now because not done prayer yet ;)
So i want writing something in my blog.Like "membebel" litle bit.It's okey kan??opss malays not allowed..hahahaha

Ohh i forgot to tell you all why i'm so nervous.It is because tomorrow is our first paper.It was AIS 300..this subject was litle hard to score because our madam very strict in marking our paper..dush3

So to all my reader i want apologise to u all if i have any wrong during reading my blog..wish me luck babe ;)
I think i will very busy start tomorrow until my exam was finish.But i'm still approved your comment.Maybe not always update blog like usual ;)

i think i must stop now..because my bed was calling me..hahah
See u guys..bye ;)

ohh..long time no put my picture alone here..hahaha

8 awesome comment's:

Ayu Firzara said...

jom jalan2 di butik saya...


Firdaus Kasim said...

ur english is very well!!

good job!

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♥NuR SyAFiQah♥ said...

@Ayu Firzara

ohh..i will dear ;)

♥NuR SyAFiQah♥ said...

@Firdaus Kasim

haha..r u kidding just now..my english is very loser okey..hahaha

Woofer Storm said...

okey apa bi pika tu,sy tak tahu pasal bi2 ni..hahaaa

gud luck sayam..jgn stress2 k..

Woofer Storm said...

rasa nak tag pulak kat orang mls ni.heheee


Iqbal said...

hohoho, baru lepas muet ka

kira kekuri said...

wuahh~MUET,sya next sem bru ambik! hehehe :D

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