Friday, June 25, 2010

..::HARI INI::..

Huhu,today I am being scolded by my mother because i wake up this morning so late.. the reason is that I sleep late..:p
I wake up when my mother knocked on the stairs with a loud once. till I lost my sweet want know what i dream??haha..its will be secret siti said " biarla rahsia"

Erm,never mind just ignore the story because it is just embarrassing myself ..


when I'm watching tv my mother told me to cook cake chocolate and  cake batik which is the favourite of my younger my younger brother will be leaving our home, not leaving anything but  further his studies in one college that called UNIKOP in kuala lumpur. He so lucky because it was so close to our grandparents house and my house. Ahh, i'm feel jealousy to him because i now study at far away from my house..huuu .. 
Ahh..I seem to have been drifting away ..actually I really want to share my experience cooking chocolate cake just now.It not have any interesting, but I am proud that my family loves my cake although not beautiful as cake shop.But it seems delicious ...muahh..:D   

just now my mother had warned me not to online until late at night, if not she will take my broadband .. ohh, I will not allow it .. seems my blog on this night will miss me ..

Tomorrow I will go to kuala lumpur where the place of my birth .. I had to stop here because my favorite story will start soon ..
I will continue my writing soon ... wait me okey..tata~~

1 awesome comment's:

amira la saper lagi said...

when u will make one for ur fren in dungun huh... coz it lo0ks delicious...

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