Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Past story


Long time no see my blog. Almost forgot that I have a blog -,-
So let me start with what I have be done recently. Oh ya can I writing in English just for this entry because I wanna practice my English. Although my English is actually Manglish but I will try as I can. Don't judge me as 'Melayu lupa diri' tau!! hehe ;p

1) Alhamdulillah, recently I was finished my degree (but not fully) in Business Computing at UiTM Shah Alam. Thanks Allah for helping me especially in exam whereby I'm always have a problem to remember all the things and also the assignment/project. Yeah I'm was a very last minute student.
I'm passed my exam in part 6 and got the highest GPA for the first time even though my CGPA not really much but I'm syukur with that.

2) Today is my third day as Trainee in Tabung Haji for the second time but with the different department. So I was placed at IT Department under IT Administration. Almost three day I got no job or task to be done except learn about the admin things. I hope I will learn more soon from staff here related from what I'm learn before.

That's all. Suddenly I was blank. Don't know what to write anymore, -,-

See again until I rajin nak update. *macamlah ade orang nak baca*

Sincerelyby Pika

Selfie dalam lif tabung haji.Canggih da th la ni. Naik lif kena pakai pass. Kehkeh

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